HobbyKing Online R/C Hobby Store : Super Cub EP 1870mm Balsa/Ply (ARF)


Super Cub EP 1870mm Balsa/Ply (ARF)

Price: $99.99

In effect, an "engined up" J3 Cub, the Super Cub was so popular that Piper were still building this aircraft right up until 1981, after which they sold the manufacturing rights, by which time they had sold 2,650 examples. The engine was uprated to 150hp, giving the Super Cub a top speed of 130mph, this extra power also made the Super Cub ideal for glider towing.

The Hobbyking Super Cub Cub with its unique colour scheme is more than just a looker, it is a high quality, scale model that boasts, working bungee under-carriage, a magnetic Pilots door for easy battery access, flaps and a 2pc easy removable wing for transport.

This model is no IC conversion, it is a large, purpose built, electric powered, high quality model that will give hours of flying pleasure and with the reccomended set up, excellent flight times, are guaranteed, even if your model becomes the flying club glider tug!